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The world's most popular blogging platform, WordPress, has given the power of instant online publishing into the hands of people who may or may not be technically skilled. When the blogging phenomenon started in the 1990s, it was typically a tool used only by computer programmers and web designers because they were the only ones capable of understanding the intricacies of publishing on the internet.

All of that has changed with the help of WordPress and other blog software. But it came at a price. Suddenly there are so many people blogging about countless topics or niches that it became too hard for anybody to be heard and noticed, even if the information they are sharing are of great value.

Now to stand out from the crowd, not only should the content of the blog be of importance, the overall look and feel of the site itself should be appealing. Especially to casual visitors who just stumbled on your blog and didn't intend to read your posts.

A beautifully designed WordPress theme is a blogger's first line of offense in grabbing the attention of his or her visitor. It must be understood that a theme is a continuous work in progress and seldom that a blogger can find the right look for his blog on his first try.

The best thing to do is create your own theme, or if you are not skilled in web design, hire someone who can. This way you can include all the design and features that you would like to see on your blog.

But if hiring a web designer is beyond your budget, there are free WordPress themes which are also beautifully designed. You can definitely find one that will suit your needs.

Just remember to tweak the design a little bit if you are using a free theme. This will help create a bit of a personality for your blog. It will make your blog memorable and easily identifiable.

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