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Even though cloud computing has been around for a while now, many are still not convinced. As the technology is fairly new, business owners tend to stick with what they know, which is normally the traditional dedicated server. Equally though, lots of people have jumped on the cloud hosting bandwagon and are utilising cloud software so they can achieve better reliability, and get more for less. After all, what else are business owners sold on? Let's reveal the main reasons people opt for a cloud solution.

The main benefit of cloud software is that it makes use of multiple pieces of hardware. In traditional server hosting, you have one server, with one set of hard disks. With cloud software, you can bring together multiple servers, or nodes. You combine all CPU, memory and hard disks into one central cloud.

You can create software images in seconds with cloud software. This is particularly useful for when you need to install software rapidly. You can switch between Linux builds such as Centos, or Windows operating systems very quickly.

You will enjoy lots of automation from cloud software. Being able to image in minutes as above is a good example. Adding new nodes is a piece of cake. With dedicated servers, you have the job of installing the hardware and then the software. With cloud software, you can quite simply slot the server in, and the cloud automatically adds it to your collection.

The flexibility of cloud software is invaluable for a business. In the modern hosting world, its very difficult to put your finger on how much resources you need. You never know when your website might take off and have one hundred times the visitors it did with in a small amount of time. If you previously used a dedicated server, your website would most likely fall over at the mega demand in visitors. Cloud computing wins hands down in this event. Cloud software will let you burst to whatever resources you require at any given time. As in you pay for whatever resources you use. For the less busy website, you won't require as many resources. However should you suddenly need lots of resources at once, the cloud can supply it.

This makes cloud software incredibly cost effective. Traditional hosting meant you shared the resources with others, thus opening you up to all sorts of security risks. In order to avoid this you would need to get a dedicated server. However this for most was completely overkill as you simply did not need the power of the hardware. Cloud hosting allows you to have this kind of isolation and further reliability at a fraction of the cost.

These are a few of many advantages to using cloud software. Cloud hosting is now more affordable than ever- so why not give it a go?

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