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PSD to Joomla conversion is one of the best way to create custom Joomla template/theme along with the compatibility with almost all the browsers. As cross browser compatibility and W3C validation are such factors, that must be taken into consideration while creating a user friendly website. Joomla developers focus themselves on the same task. Their main aim is to create web layout, that is highly compatible with almost all the browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome etc. Cross browser compatibility and W3C validation of Joomla theme/template plays a vital role in the successful running of website.

As we are living in the generation of internet and browser is a connective link between user and internet. This brings the popularity of browsers in internet world and now there are so many browsers available to access in world wide web. It is not possible that every user would use the same web browser which a particular web developer has been using. User is free to access with any browser in which he/she might feel comfortable. This is the reason why Joomla developer focuses on cross browser compatibility, so that the Joomla themes/template could be easily accessible in any browser.

From above, we got to know that conversion of PSD files into Joomla themes/templates is very significant process to create cross browser compatible Joomla website. Now, let us go into the deep picture to understand PSD to HTML/Joomla conversion process. To convert PSD files into Joomla template/themes, the very first thing to be done is the slicing of PSD files into layers. For each layer, HTML/XHTML/CSS encoding is done by Joomla developer. This is the most important section of this process. This section decides the usability and functionality of website. Joomla developers perform the encoding task keeping certain things in their mind. They aimed for accessibility, cross browser compatibility, functionality and W3C validation of the web layout. Once the HTML/XHTML/CSS coding has been completed accurately, then integration of web layout with Joomla template/theme has to be done properly.

Joomla developer has an expertise over the task of PSD to CSS/Joomla theme to further create a dynamic and cross browser compatible Joomla website. The intention of Joomla developer behind this task is very clear, to make it more accessible and let the visitors land into your website in maximum number. It is advised to hire Joomla developer if you want to create cross-browser compatible template/themes and to build a dynamic website.

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