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Figuring out how to setup a wordpress blog is truly not as tough as it may look, the fact is that it is truly very straightforward. I am about to discuss everything you should know relating to how to setup a wordpress blog.

Why don't we get straight into it

How to setup a wordpress blog simple instructions...

At this point , the very main part you must need is a domain name. There are several websites where you could get a domain name, yet I recommend that you go with GoDaddy.

Afterwards you must have a hosting account,there are several website hosting companies around yet I greatly encourage Hostgator. They provide fantastic 24/7 customer support additionally , the cpanel (control panel) is amazingly simple to use.

The third step you have to do is just set the name servers. You're going to be supplied with these name servers through your internet hosting company.

Please note: It will require a matter of minutes for your name servers to take effect.

After that you should sign in into your cpanel, and therefore see Software and Services and then click on Fantastico De Luxe.

So now you want to look for Wordpress in the left hand side and then click on it...

Secondly you have to click on New Installation

At this point, since this is the initial website you're going to be registering make sure you see just that website name where it says install on domain.

You must leave install in directory clear if you do not intend it to show up much like something like this

Now you must enter in your admin name along with the password, you should have this unique details to be able to get access to your dashboard.

It is crucial for you to try to remember these login details.Now you can change the base configuration details, which will be...

Admin nickname
Admin email
Site name

Please note:You can even change these details after you login into the admin dashboard.

When you have filled out everything just simply hit Install Wordpress.

Next you are going to be taken to another screen, once there you have to just click Finish Installation.

Then you're going to be arrive at the very last page; you will get the sign in information along with your password.

Be sure to keep this information mainly because you must have it so that you can login to your admin area.

I recommend for you to enter in your email inside the field to receive a message with the details of your set up.

Just simply hit Send Email and then you're done.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone
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