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They assert the pen is mightier than the sword. It certainly boasts a greater vocabulary, besides being small, hand,y easy to use, all of which can make it a terrific marketing product. Advertising pens are commonly found in office and institutional settings, think banks, organization offices, and retail venues.

Pens are a good promotional investment for moderate sized establishments, as well as chains and bigger establishments. The cost is not exorbitant for the smaller, less established entrepreneur. Larger small businesses can make up all the extra impact desired by ordering in bulk, and still not break the bank.

Speaking of which, banks make a good microcosm for examining the impact of the pen as a promo merchandise. Placing promotional pens close to the check writing area, which is common, creates an invitation to customers to help themselves.. With today's busy schedules even the few seconds it takes a harried mother to root around in her purse is begrudged. This is equally true for the busy professional, squeezing in lunch. In either case the pen is, more usually than not, gratefully grabbed for.

By taking on a sort of butler on useful standby position, the lowly marketing pen creates an instant impression of helpfulness and handiness for the bank in the mind of the grateful customer. This message is replayed every time the customer reaches for her pen, reminding her, albeit subliminally, that her ability to write checks and jot notes has been brought to he by none other than bank Friendly and Helpful. Furthermore, whatever Bank Friendly and Helpful has chosen to have printed on its promo pens will likely be read every time their customer reaches for her appropriated promotional pen.

This promotes name recognition, another invaluable aspect to promotional pens.

Of course Bank Friendly and Helpful generally has bank right in its name. Likewise, if your store's name is Santa's Workshop customers can easily figure out your purpose. But, what if you're a little restaurant called Joe's? A blurb like, "best barbecue around," generates instant recognition in the mind of the customer.

Adding an address and phone makes sense. This is especially true for places customers come back to again and again.

Before adding onto their promotional budgets firm should consider both price and impact of the solution they are considering for promo use. Marketing pens, bought at moderate cost, generate an association of hospitable service in the mind of the customer. Add name recognition and a bit of advertising into the mix and its clear that promo pens are a great value.

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