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It is important to have a remote access key in Web Host Manager or WHM. This is because, with the help of the remote access key, the Web Host Manager of a web hosting company can create, change and even delete an account. Also it is important and used in vogue for creating the software for external billing, for creating automatic account scripts and other programs which are prerogative of any web host manager.

Therefore, it is important to setup remote access key so that you can also have the power of the Web Host Manager or WHM. For setting up the remote access key in WHM, you need to go to the cPanel of your website.

As a very first step, you need to get the username and the password that you need to for logging on to the cPanel. For this you need to check the welcome email that was sent to you by the web hosting company of yours. If you have forgotten it then you need to contact them either by phone or by email so that a new password can be generated.

You should key in the URL of your website in the web browser with either the word "/cpanel" or ":2083" at the end. Then you should log in to the WHM of the cPanel with the help of your username and the password, which was given to you while you were creating the website.

In the main screen of the Web Host Manager, you should click on the button "Cluster/Remote Access". You can also type the word "setup" in the "Find" option and select the option "Setup Remote Access Key". Now, you have only one step to go and that is the clicking on the button, "Generate New Key." In this way the new key is generated for you.

After the new key is created, now you are required to copy and then paste the new remote access key to the correct files that are located in the remote servers. You need to be very sure that these files are required to communicate with the web server of yours.

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