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It is of utmost importance that you protect your files, folders, websites and other personal information at all times. It will not sound good to depending upon your server and the backup support it offers, always. This is because at times it is also possible that servers will only be able to cover only the vital information and not everything you would need. There may arise a situation when you hardware might fail or hackers may possibly break into your website.

The best part is that you always have the option to create a backup for MySQL on a VPS (or Virtual Private Server) or on a dedicated server. However, you must remember that with varied server configurations, there will be somewhat varied commands as well. So it becomes imperative for you to keep a backup of everything before you follow the instructions. While the process could possibly be different from what is provided for your server, but the method should be the same for every server.

The first step will require you to set up folders on your server root. You can make use of two folders, one for your script and one for your backup. Name them as you are comfortable with and can memorise. It is advised that you use a plain text editor and make use of the script in your folder for backup. Thereafter you can upload the script and do a test through SSH. You may be required to conduct a search for the right command for your server. After this, you would receive an email with a backup file, while the original files would all be deleted. Thus, it is important to keep a backup of everything before the new script is made to begin. You may like to set an exact schedule to run the script, such as on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Run the backup of script every day, to ensure your files are safe. Backups for VPS work stations are always easy, reliable and secure.

If at any time you wish to remove a VPS backup, click the Remove Backup button and your selected VPS backup will be removed. You can even select more than one backup option by putting a checkmark against them for deletion at a time. It also gives you more storage space for your new backups. Through Renew button, you can create a renewed VPS backup without deleting the existing one.

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