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The acronym "PHP" is better known throughout the internet as PHP: Hypertext Processor. PHP is basically used on servers to take inputs of PHP and output web pages, usually in an HTML format. In this day and age, it is crucial that most business websites must adhere to this programming format. In order to have your website created professionally, it is always best that you outsource this tedious procedure to experienced PHP programmers.

Why Would You Need a PHP Programmer?
This means that as an employer who wants a website with a database, or multiple pages with an identical format, you may want to search for an employee with experience using PHP professionally. A word of warning: careless code leads to needless security breaches, so may choose to focus on PHP coders who understand the risks and are able to check for errors in their code on their own.

This also means that if you want a "dynamic relay chat", essentially a chat box shown on your website that allows users to speak directly to other users or to technical support, PHP will allow that to happen. It's also useful for running Flash on sites, so if you'd like your business site to open with a flash movie detailing your best qualities in an energetic and eye-catching manner, you may want a PHP-experienced developer to make that happen.

Search For Experienced Programmers
A proficient PHP programmer should also have some experience, at least baseline, in the use of C/C++ programming. It isn't uncommon to find a PHP Programmer advertising with many additional skills. One additional skill that may catch your eye is "Flash." This means they can not only code to imbed the files and let them run, but they can also design the Flash buttons, movies, or full web pages that you'd like to present to the public. Most PHP Programmers also have skills in the more common languages, such as HTML, JAVA, and CSS. In addition, many of them are able to use programs such as ASP - which means if you're looking for an interactive format for your website, they may be able to design a forum for your visitors to utilize.

How Much Should You Pay?
Having chosen your PHP Programmer, the question of salary comes up once more. Most PHP Programming freelancers average around a minimum of $15/hr. A general rule of thumb is that a programmer with more skills will bid on your project with a higher rate than someone with a smaller skill set. This doesn't always ring true, and that's where your judgment comes into play. If you're looking at the portfolio of someone with extensive experience creating dynamic flash movies and web pages, proficient in PHP Programming and the use of C/C++, and perhaps capable of creating written content as well, it's probably worth it to pay them more than the average. As always, it comes down to your judgment - do you want an average PHP programmer for the average salary, or an incredible PHP programmer for more?

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