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When the Samsung Transform was initially leaked it was postulated that the system would be another Galaxy S variant, quite possibly an all-touch unit to go along together with the Epic 4G. Nonetheless, it transformed into a mid-range Android machine which has a side-sliding QWERTY, leaving numerous disappointed who happen to be seeking forward to potentially the third 4G handset in Sprints lineup. The Transform features a few tricks up its sleeve although, this kind of because the front-facing camera for video chat (regardless of only being 3G) along with a design really a lot inspired by its big-brother, the Epic 4G. It truly is also a launch gadget for Sprints new Sprint ID service, which provides the person customizable ID packs for any much more personal practical experience. The Samsung Transform ships with an AC adapter/microUSB cable combo along with a 2GB microSD card.

The Samsung Transform's design is easy around the eyes, however it does not bring anything new to your table. With its rounded corners and glossy, black finish (a silver seam to the periphery could be the exception), the Transform is clearly the Samsung Epic 4G's smaller cousin. The handset is 4.6 inches tall by 2.4 inches wide by 0.6 inch deep and weighs 5.4 ounces, which imparts a solid really feel inside hand. The presence of a slide-out QWERTY keyboard will make it a tad as well thick for some pockets, nevertheless it must slide nicely into most and into purses too.

Samsung cannot very decide on a display for their mid-range devices: the Moment had a 3.2 320x480 AMOLED panel, the Intercept a 3 240x400 LCD as well as the Transform includes a 3.5 320x480 LCD. We appreciate the dimension and resolution of your Transform, but would have liked to see an AMOLED display, if not Tremendous AMOLED. We realize that Samsung has to differentiate involving their devices however, and if the Transform had a Tremendous AMOLED it would probably steal sales away from their flagship Epic 4G. The TFT LCD utilised around the Transform has 262K and produces all-natural searching pictures, but will not wow you having a quite excessive contrast ratio and super-saturated colours.

Stepping away from solid black, the Transform's slide-out QWERTY keyboard is gray with white and orange accents. The keyboard is undisputedly spacious, with wide, rectangular keys. It was perhaps as well wide for our tastes, and we placed it in a range of hands. Reaching the keyboard's corner buttons took effort. The Transform's flush keys are harder to variety on than domed keys that rise over the surface, but regardless of their flatness, pressing the individual buttons was easy and smooth. An emoticon button and 4 directional buttons are the only two with unique functions.

Camera shots and videos ended up equally easy to manage around the Transform, that has a slider button for toggling amongst the modes and an onscreen button to control the shutter. At 3.2 megapixels, the top quality is decidedly midrange. The images aren't poor, but they do lack the sharpness, detail, and richness of a 5-megapixal shooter. Slide-out settings about the screen let you swap involving entrance and rear cameras, flash mode, 13 scene modes, five white-balance presets, six shade effects, and 3 metering effects. You get your option of 4 pixel sizes, 3 variations of photograph good quality, and 3 focus modes.

We tested the dual-band Samsung Transform in San Francisco utilizing the Sprint network. Call good quality was impressive, with clear audio on our side, and no breaks, echoes, or distortions throughout our test calls. Voices sounded clear and rich. On their conclude, callers also commended the sound call high quality and didn't note any difficulties. Speakerphone top quality surprised us on this handset. The placement from the speaker to the back again in the phone constantly makes for your distant, somewhat echoey, and hollow aural practical experience on our stop. What we didn't count on was for our friends to consider we nevertheless had the phone at our ear. Volume was loud and clear for each parties, although less so for us with all the phone set to speaker.
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