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There are several models of Android PC tablet available at different prices but of course the very reasonable. ‘10.2 Inch Touch Screen Tablet PC with Google Android 2.1 OS- 512MB- AG- ZT- 180' is one of the most selling model nowadays. Due to its nice speed people prefer this Android PC tablet than other. No matter where you are, you will be able to operate this small device to watch movies or checking Emails or just surfing the internet. One additional feature of this mini PC is that it has Ethernet connecting port along with WiFi. This is the best device to handle the urgent office works very effectively. If you are going somewhere with this Android PC tablet then there is no doubt that whole world will be walking with you. There is personalization feature of installing various applications according to your preferences. It has high speed data transferring capacity without any problem.

This pocket PC has operating system of Google Android 2.1 which is very fast and with strong firewall system. This Android PC tablet has 215MB DDR2 of RAM, 4GB of hard disk, 1GHz of processor, storage ROM of 2GB- 32GB. It is designed to support nearly all the video, audio, picture file formats. Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint and PDF file formats can be read by the Android PC tablet. Simple photo and video editing works can be done using Android PC tablet. There are several gadgets included inside this mini PC such as weather, calendar, clock, alarm, news etc. which will be very helpful for doing the normal daily works. Android PC tablet has Li-ion battery which can provide the operative backup plan of 3 hours to 5 hours and the standby timing is of 15 hours to 20 hours. And it will not take much time while charging. There will not be any problem if you are not an English speaker or if you have difficulty in understanding the English language because there are several other languages (for example: French, Arabic, German, Hindi, Japanese, Czech, Swedish, Chinese Thai etc.) included in this Android PC tablet.

If you have any problem in operating the Android PC tablet with touch screen then there are ports for connecting the keyboard and mouse for the convenient use. There is a volume regulating system from the outside and so you will not need to touch the screen for increasing or decreasing the volume while using Android PC tablet.

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