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Have you heard about the latest new android application, android app is having all the features need by the modern population. These applications can really turn your normal android phone in to a power device where nothing is impossible. There are lots of phone apps available in the market for free, and these android apps are also listed in the free category. Android phones or android operating system is the latest technology in the cell market and you have to believe that the phone had a big opening with vast customers all around the world to buy android phones.
Peoples are always searching for something new in the market they get bored using the same feature again and again, at that time if something totally new is invented than obviously it will attract millions of customers for that. Android phone are also with good reliability, it has an easy operating system and unbelievable speed. According to my recommendation I will suggest to switch your cell to an android phone. However I am not going to focus on android phone as our basic intention is to review the android phone apps.
There are lots of android phone apps invented soon after the launching of the android phone. Following are some of the best android phone apps that would be of your interest. Compass, its one of the amazing applications introduced by android phone apps store. It is just like the real compass but also has the GPS system enabled which is an added advantage to the compass app. It will tell you where you are and where you want to go the direction you should choose to get the destination in less time and how much time it will take to reach the destination at the seep you are travelling.
Another famous phone app is facebook the android phone app also has facebook app in it with the help of this app you can stay connected with people on facebook. Perhaps one of the most hands-on free Android apps, Ringdroid allows you to edit various audio files so you can create your own ringtones and alarms. Tired of editing songs to create your own ringtone? Well, they've thought of that too! You can create ringtones for your Android phone from scratch as well (using the Ringdroid app on your phone). There are many more phone apps available for android but I cant mention all here, to get the entire android phone apps list visit our website freephoneapps.net. if you have any questions or doubt feel free to contact us.

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